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Welcome to Steel Rudder Roofing, the ultimate destination for commercial roofing in Jacksonville, Florida. Specializing in innovative roofing solutions, we offer unmatched expertise and commitment to transforming your commercial properties. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique demands of businesses, ensuring durability, style, and functionality.

How We Solve Your Problem

Commercial property owners often grapple with roofing challenges that can impact their business operations. Issues like leaks, thermal inefficiency, and wear can affect not just the building’s integrity but also its aesthetic appeal and operational costs.

Consider the disruption that a roofing failure during peak business hours or the financial hit from rising repair costs and energy bills as a result of poor roofing. Such scenarios can tarnish your business reputation and lead to tenant dissatisfaction.

Steel Rudder Roofing, your trusted commercial roofing contractor in Jacksonville, offers robust solutions to these challenges. Our team of skilled professionals uses the latest techniques and highest-quality materials to provide durable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing roofing systems. From new installations to comprehensive maintenance plans, we ensure your commercial roofing needs are met with precision and excellence.

Comprehensive Commercial Roofing

We understand that commercial roofing requires a specialized approach. Our services are designed to cater to the unique needs of each business, ensuring that your roofing investment adds value to your property.

Innovative Roofing Solutions

Top quality materials and designs for modern business needs.

Energy Efficiency

Roofs that help reduce your energy costs and promote sustainability.

Professional Installation

Expert team delivering timely and high-quality installations.

Steel Rudder Roofing: The Leading Commercial Roofing Contractor in Jacksonville

Our unique proposition lies in our:

Bespoke Customer Service: Tailored solutions and personal attention for every client.

Advanced Technology: Utilizing the latest innovations for superior roofing performance.

Commitment to Safety: Prioritizing the safety of your property and our team.

Revolutionize Your Commercial Property with Our Expert Roofing Services!

Enhancing Your Commercial Property

Detailed Breakdown of Our Commercial Roofing Services

Commercial Roof Installation

From sleek modern designs to traditional styles, our installations enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your business premises.

Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Proactive and reactive maintenance plans will keep your commercial roofs in top condition, preventing disruptions and costly future repairs.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Plan

Our comprehensive plan ensures regular inspections and maintenance, extending the life of your roof and ensuring optimal performance.

Elevating Jacksonville's Commercial Landscape, One Roof at a Time

Experience the difference with Steel Rudder Roofing. Our commercial roofing services not only protect your property but also contribute to its aesthetic and functional enhancement, elevating the overall experience for your clients and employees.

Is Your Commercial Property in Need of a Roofing Upgrade? ​

Don’t compromise on the quality and safety of your commercial space. Reach out to us for a comprehensive roofing solution that caters to your business needs.

Your Commercial Roofing Questions Answered

Our combination of cutting-edge technology, customized service, and commitment to safety sets us apart.

Connect with Steel Rudder Roofing: Your Commercial Roofing Contractor in Jacksonville

At Steel Rudder Roofing, we’re dedicated to providing the best commercial roofing solutions in Jacksonville. Whether you’re looking to install a new roof, repair an existing one, or enroll in a maintenance plan, our team is equipped to handle your needs with professionalism and excellence.

Contact us today to discover how we can transform your commercial property.

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Your Roof Protects Your Investment

And Steel Rudder is here to protect your roof!

We understand that your roof isn’t something you want to spend a lot of time thinking about.

That’s why we stay on top of every new product and installation method for you. After a thorough inspection of your project, the commercial roofing experts at Steel Rudder Roofing will discuss the pros and cons of all options available to you. We’ll make sure every detail is covered so you can make an informed decision about the best solution for your specific needs.

Commercial Knowledge

Steel Rudder has extensive knowledge in all types of commercial roofing including: Built-up (tar and gravel), modified bitumen, single-ply (PVC,TPO,EPDM), metal and shingle roofing

Preventative Maintenance

Our Commercial Assesments provide building owners with a good understanding of the current condition of their roofs. Steel Rudder Roofing then provides you a plan to maintain and get the most life from your roof.

Commercial Reputation

Steel Rudder Roofing is proud to have established a reputation as one of Jacksonville’s best commercial roofers. Our extensive client list includes building owners, local and national general contractors, and property management companies.

We keep your high cost warranties valid and your older roofs maintained to avoid large, unexpected expenses


Low Slope Repair & Maintenance Plan

Steel Rudder Roofing has years of experience in storm damage restoration services, insurance loss, and disaster recovery planning. This experience and insight is the basis of our Commercial Maintenance Plan. Clients of our Commercial Maintenance Plan receive yearly inspections, proactive cleanings, 24/7 monitoring and priority response, extended warranties, and documentation to help reduce the financial impact of a disaster to their business property.

Factors That Can Shorten the Life of your Roof Investment

What Can Cause Problems?

Forgetting About Maintenance

This is perhaps the single biggest cause of roof failure.

Structural Movement

Such as building settlement or expansion/contraction not accommodated by the roofing system.

Not Fixing Problems Promptly

These can lead to a much shorter roof life, e.g. if a small problem is not repaired, then a large amount of damage can be incurred.

Extreme Weather

Lightning, high winds, or hail

Equipment Additions or Alterations

HVAC service and repair, new unit installation or removal

Trade Damage

Punctures, holes, etc., caused by trades other than your roofing contractor

Unintended Abuse

Vandalism or accidental damage, even a small hole can let water into the roofing system.

Items Typically Not Covered:

Steel Rudder Roofing Repair & Maintenance Plan Protects
Your Roofing System

Minimize roof leaks and extend the life of your roof with a proper repair and maintenance
plan from Steel Rudder

Membership Details:

The following items are required by the manufacturer to be inspected to maintain your warranty status:

Inspections Of:

Pitch Pans • Term Bars & Sealants • Clean All Drains • Visual Inspection of Entire Roof Semi-annually

The items listed above will be touched up and maintained within the cost of the program. Further repairs will be billed as below: Any minor repairs needed to maintain warranty will be billed at our hourly rate + material. Any major issues found will have a formal proposal submitted for approval prior to work.

You Will Also Receive:


Roof Conditions

  • Standing Water
  • Grease, Oil or Other Contamination
  • Attachment Integrity
  • Walk-Pad
  • Determination
  • Signs of Hail Damage
  • Material Deterioration
  • Voids in Seams
  • Ballast Displacement


  • Missing Clamps

  • Improper Flashing Applications

  • Multi-Line Penetration Pockets


  • Bridged Wall Flashing

  • Delamination

  • Void in Seams

Drainage System

  • Gutter Lap Openings

  • Clogged Drainage

  • Improper Drainage

  • Drain Flashing

  • Scupper Flashing


  • Loose or Missing Unit Doors

Perimeter Metal Edging

  • Attachment
  • Rust
  • Splits or Openings in Flashing

Access Hatch

  • Proper Operation